Leadership is the driving force to all innovation.

In order to foster innovation, we serve to protect your interests.

We Protect Your Interests.

By understanding your distinct needs backed by our 20+ years of intellectual property experience,
we protect your interests and help you succeed by allowing peace of mind to execute your vision.


With our experience and understanding of Intellectual Property, we've secured wins for our clients ideals and property rights.


We actively participate in our client's dreams through intellectual property planning, acquisitions and enforcement. Innovation does not happen by accident.


Working and growing together with our clients is the most rewarding aspect about our work.  Let us reach your vision.

Park Law Firm, a Leader in Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Business Law


Since our inception, we have grown to become a leading and prominent Intellectual Property law firm in both the Korean and American Communities.


Passion - Performance - Persistence


From global conglomerates, international corporations, small businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs, we celebrate the partnership with our clients with commitment to the best interest of our clients. 



*This is not a conclusive list


In Sam Bae Patent & Law Office

Sung Chang

KPAT International Patent & Law Office

Dasan Patent & Law Office

S.T. Hwang & Associates

HIJOON Int’l Patent & Law Office

Alpha International Patent & Law Office

Dream International Patent & Law Office

HiSen International Patent & Law Office

Edison International Patent & Law Office

Taejeon First Law & Patent Officee

Kim & Chung Patent & Law Office

Baeg Seung Jun Patent Law Office

With Patent & Law Office

Hwa Sung Int’l Patent Office

Namkang International Patent & Law Office

K2B International Patent & Law Office

Union International Patent Office

Gomano Patent & Law Office

Lee. S. N. Int’l Patent & Trademark Law Office

Ga-Kyung International Patent & Law Office

Woo-Jung Patent & Law Office

Durey Patent Office

Wooin Patent & Trademark Law Office

Sol Green International Patent & Law Office

Youngnam Patent & Law Office

Kyong-Eun Patent & Law Office